Handicap July 2015

Name Time PB
Andy Fairbairn 20.25 PB
Roy Tomlinson 22.44 MV55 CR
Joe Tyldesley 25.31
Daisy Seville 26.01 DR
Nick Howarth 26.31 PB
Colin Denney 27.02
Gillian Pryor 27.11
Michaela Dempsey 27.13
Ivor Cooke 27.28 MV70 CR
Kieran Chadwick 28.58 PB
Steve Burgess 29.22 Men’s Winner
Andy Whitlam 29.32
Debbie Cardwell 30.08 Ladies’ Winner
Jenny Ryan 30.50
Mark Neath 31.25 DR
Angela Norris 31.50 PB
Kirsty Whyatt 32.02
Janine Denney 32.41
Hilary Goorney 33.51
Mike Walsh 36.09
Gill Skelton 42.31
Jo McCrae 43.14 DR

Congratulations to trophy winners, Debbie Cardwell and Steve Burgess. Also to Roy Tomlinson and Ivor Cooke on setting new course records for their age groups.

There were also new PBs for Angela Norris, Kieran Chadwick, Andy Fairbairn and Nick Howarth, well done to them.

Many thanks to Christine, Lisa, Michelle, Dave B, Dave J, Mark and Simon for their help on the night.

Debbie Cardwell – Handicap Trophy Winner 2015


Steve Burgess – Handicap Trophy Winner 2015