Report 24/05/2016

Running Week That Was…..

Keswick Mountain Festival Weekend

Triathlon: Individual – The one-woman machine that is Lesley Gray – she swam, biked and ran to glory! A totally amazing day for Les and a well deserved 3rd place finish! 1.14.22 for all three disciplines! The Olympic team awaits! Julie Sherwood in her first ever open water triathlon was amazing! A brilliant time of 1.43.15! Go Julie!


Lesley Gray at Keswick Mountain Festival

Triathlon: Team – TCRC angels – Karen Livesey, Sharon Randall and Lisa Young! Karen Livesey had only swam 3 times in open water until Saturday and totally smashed the 400m course! Sharon Randall had a storming bike leg and Lisa Young ran one of her fastest 5k times! A vet 3rd place team finish for the amazing ladies! Go Team!

5K Trail Run – After 4 weeks of resting, Andy Fairbairn pulled it out of the bag for team TCRC! A top 10 position for Andy in a superb time of 23.11! Brilliant! Dave Jones also enjoyed the race coming home in a great time of 35.00. Well done!

25K Trail Run – There was no sunshine at the beginning of the 25K trail race! Wind and Rain greeted the TCRC 16! Due to a road crossing, most of the TCRC crew spent up to 24 mins waiting to cross! The course was extremely technical and had over 2500ft of climbing!

Roy Tomlinson made light work of the route and totally smashed out a time of 2.28.56! Jenny Clark had a brilliant run and crossed the line in an outstanding time of 2.39.12! David Barras had no problems with the climbs and ran a superb time of 3.00.02! Caroline McLaughlin, Steve Livesey and Joe Tyldesley ran together and not only enjoyed the route but ran awesome times of 3.05! Colin Denney had a storming run! An awesome time of 3.27.13! Michelle Tomlinson ran brilliantly and was rewarded with a fantastic 3.45.25! Steve Burgess loves the trails! An excellent time of 3.59.53! Bev Foster had an epic run, which saw her post a most brilliant time of 4.06.53! Melanie Foster loved the trails and ran a superb time of 4.15.56! Sarah Scott and Janine Denney ran together (much laughter), finishing in a totally brilliant time of 4.19.01. Kirsty Waywell and Christine Burgess kept each other company and smashed out times of 4.23.44 and 4.37.40! Simon Mason brought the team home in a superb time of 5.00.53! Well done Team!

50K Trail Run – A 6 am start saw Leon Flesher and Pete Waywell run the brutal 50K trail run! After running the course last year, both Leon and Pete totally smashed their times! A truly remarkable time for both amazing men! 6.04.22 for Leon and 6.18.23 for Pete! There are not enough words to use to praise these times and the effort put in by both of them! We salute you both!

10K Trail Run – The 10K trail run required a ferry crossing before the start of the race and saw the first half of the race with upward climbs! After running the 25K race on the Saturday, Michelle Tomlinson decided to run the 10K! This awesome lady ran a brilliant time of 1.08.35! Well done Michelle! Julie Sherwood looked great following her awesome triathlon on Saturday! A superb time of 1.13.20! In his first ever trail 10K, Mike Gray had a storming run ! A brilliant time of 1.22.55! Karen Livesey smashed her time from last year! 1.36.01 for the awesome lady! Malc Sherwood had a superb run and brought the team home in a great time of 1.55.58! Well Done!

So… What really happened when TCRC went on tour…..

We had an amazing time! Lots of laughter and lots of fun! So, here are some of the fun things:

Dave Barros will now be formally known as Judas… after 12 miles of lovely group running, Dave decided that he would spend the last few miles on his own! However, by giving a salute to Caroline, Joe and Steve he felt he had done enough to say goodbye. Imagine their surprise when they reached the top of the hill to find him nowhere in sight and that he had taken the pork pies with him! Dave also had an issue with the open water swim! Not content on following everyone else, he decided to make his own route and was kindly stopped by the canoe marshals who could not understand how he was so far away from everyone else!

I (Sarah) looked like bambi coming down all the trail hills, and I mean all of them! Don’t run with me and Janine Denney! After deciding that she had done enough hills, Janine fancied a bit of downhill, so kindly took us right and not left where everyone else went! Luckily two people who we had previously overtook gave us a shout and back up the hill we went! Trainers stuck in the mud and lots of continuous swearing by some! Colin Teflon Denney, still looking like he had been on a photo shoot after 16 miles of hell! Colin will be on the cover of Sports illustrated next month!

Melanie Foster doing her best Paula Radcliffe impression ;-)! Rather than running across the river crossing, on no…. Bev Foster took the lead and had the ladies going across a half made bridge that was covered in “do not use” tape!

Steve Livesey deciding that he was going to have a t shirt and that a woman’s small would fit him – reader’s wives front cover for next month!

See what you all missed! Next year team TCRC will be there in force….. much fun ahead!

Manchester 10K

The sun was shining on Gillian Prior at the Manchester 10K! A superb time of 52.00! Well Done Gillian!

10K Crazy Cow

Daisy Seville had a storming run! sub 45 mins and 68th position! A superb time of 44.54! Well Done! Janine McNeill is making fantastic progress following injury and ran a brilliant time of 1.00.04! Great Running!

Windermere Marathon

Nothing phases Debbie Cardwell! A very hot day and an undulating course was no problem for the little speedster! A brilliant time of 4.29! Outstanding running Debbie! Well Done!

Daisy at Crazy Cow 10k & Debbie at Windermere Marathon

Daisy at Crazy Cow 10k & Debbie at Windermere Marathon

Running Week Ahead

Tuesday –  Club run from YMCA Thornton! meeting at 6.45pm, ready to run at 7pm! Please ensure that you have a group to run with, prior to leaving the YMCA.

Thursday – Speed training this week is from YMCA Thornton! 1-mile speed loops await! Meeting at 6.45pm, warm up at 7pm.

All Speed sessions are structured to ensure that all abilities can attend the sessions.

TCRC Message to all runners: Go and be Awesome

Members Update

Speed Training – The Future!

Over the summer months (I’m not promising sunshine) speed sessions will be timed. This will show the amazing progress you will have made!
So, what sessions will we be doing:

  • Quarter mile loops
  • Half mile timed loops
  • Mile timed loops
  • Predicted mile and two mile loops (you predict your time for a distance, no watches allowed and the closest wins a prize) good fun along the prom.
  • Hill training.. Fleetwood mount and Blackpool prom.
  • Fartlek training (speed between lamp posts and recovery)
  • Pyramid runs(running at speed for 30 sec, 1 min etc)

So, much fun to be had and all sessions are suitable for every member of TCRC. A great summer of running 🙂

Club Championship

A full list of the Club Championships for both road and trail, are on the website.

For all future races, links are provided. You must register as Thornton Cleveleys Running Club for all club championship events!

Please make sure you check the club championship table and let Roy Tomlinson know if you have any questions! Please DO NOT leave it till the end of the championship to report any issues!

Club Handicap

To ensure that you qualify for the club handicap trophy, you must run at least two handicaps between January and May! The next club handicap is Tuesday the 31st May. If you are unable to run and are able to marshal, can you please let us know.


If you are not getting any notifications by email, please let me know. We will be sending lots of important information out over the coming weeks, we don’t want you to miss out!


Please try and park on the road on a Tuesday/Thursday evening, or car share if possible!

Racing Results

If you race, tell me about it! We cannot celebrate your success if you don’t tell anyone! Send your results and pictures to me! These do not have to just be club races! All results will be celebrated!

Weekend Training Runs

If you are running on a weekend, why not post it on Facebook? This weekend again saw lots of groups running varying distances. Running with Friends! Well done to all those racing, training or just enjoying the outdoors this weekend!