Road Championship 2019

Road Championship

Each year the club chooses a number of road races spread throughout the year that vary in distance from 5K to a Half Marathon and to complete the Road Championship you need to run in at least 6 of these races to qualify. This year we have fewer races but it’s quality not quantity that counts and we want to reward those that have a go at Short, Medium and Longer Distances so all round ability is tested. For any Parkrun races, you must be registered with ParkRun and have Thornton Cleveleys Running Club set as your Home Club, don’t forget your barcode, no code, no time and so will not count in the Off Road Championship. Interclub races, you must wear your allocated Interclub Number. Club Vests MUST be worn in all Qualifying races – unless you are not taking part in the Championship of course – but it’s nice when everyone turns up and feeling proud of our colours and being a member.

You can run as many of the races as you like but you must run – in 2019 – just 6 to qualify.

It’s your best results from 6 races that count and add up your final total.

Every qualifier will receive an award.

2019 Results

It is your responsibility to check that ALL your results have been included, any complaints/issues must be raised with the Committee prior to Friday 13th December 2019 after which NO changes (Unlucky) will be investigated or made to the final results.

As ever, many thanks to Roy Tomlinson for collating and producing these results, much appreciated Roy.

Mens Road Results
Ladies Road Results
2019 CC Races

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Lancaster 315 5K Saturday 2nd February Lancaster £7.30
Stanley Park 10K 10K Sunday 24th February Blackpool £13.00
Garstang Gallop 7M Sunday 24th March Garstang £11.50
Caldervale 10 Miler 10M Friday 19th April Caldervale £15.50
Crazy Cow 10K Sunday 23rd June Preston £15.50
Wesham – Interclub 5M Monday 22nd July Salwick Free – Bring Interclub No.
Riverside Half Marathon 13.1M Sunday 18th August Lancaster £TBA
Fleetwood – ParkRun 5K Saturday 31st August Fleetwood Free – Bring BarCode
Green Drive 5 5M Sunday 20th October Lytham £14.00
Chorley Fire 10K 10K Sunday 17th November Chorley £12.00
Myerscough 10 Miler 10M Sunday 1st December Myerscough Equestrian College £13.50

Scoring Everyone who completes their 6 races in the Road Championship will receive an award. There are prizes for the overall winners of the Road Championship for both men and women but we also have awards for winners by ‘Vet’ Age Category.

The scoring is done separately for men and women in each race. In each race the first TCRC man to finish scores 1 point, the second scores 2 points, the third scores 3 points and so on until the last who, if there were 7 TCRC men in the race, would score 7 points. The same applies to women with the first TCRC lady scoring 1 point and the second scoring 2 points etc. At the end of the year you add together your 8 lowest scores and whoever has the lowest total in each is the winner.

As well as having an overall winner we also have awards for men and women in each age category (Vet40, Vet45, Vet50 etc) so even if you’re not the fastest Road or Off Road runner in the Club you may still win your age category. So if you are the first Vet40 TCRC man to finish you will score 1 point in the Vet40 Road Championship and 2 points for second Vet40 etc.

What do we do if 2 people have exactly the same score for an award at the end of the year? We compare their ‘head to head’ results and look at who finished in front of the other one the most times and if that’s still a level then it’s down to who had the most first places.