Tuesday Optional Sessions


Following our work with Helen Clitheroe in January 2018, the club wondered if it could be doing more for runners wishing for some structure to their weekly Club Runs on a Tuesday. As such, Helen has kindly devised a 10-week plan as outlined below.

The purpose of the plan is NOT to replace the current set-up of Tuesday runs and is COMPLETELY optional. Members are able to entirely disregard it and continue to enjoy running socially. Although a 10- week plan, there is no specific end-goal apart from overall improvement and members are therefore free to dip in and out of the plan as they choose week-on-week. After week 10, the plan will simply start again.

The idea behind the plan is that each of the weeks are accessible to all abilities. The sessions at Rossall have identified how enjoyable it is being able to chat between differing ability levels about the same workout. The hope therefore is that this will continue on Tuesdays from Poolfoot, whereby although members of different abilities will set off in different directions and at different paces, they will all be able to chat / discuss / complain to each other about how hard a particular session was afterward with a drink.


Who is going to lead the sessions?

It is expected that individuals wishing to take part in the optional sessions will organise themselves into groups of similar abilities. One individual could be asked to lead each session for that group, or runners could take it in turns to lead. The leader would need to be aware of the structure of the session that week, be able to plan a route accordingly as well as being able to keep track of timings.

How will we know which week we’re up-to?

Each week number of the plan will be denoted on the clubs Google Calendar (accessible from the website)

What is ‘tempo’?

Tempo is an effort that feels hard but can be sustained over a period of time. Think of it as running at about 75-80% of your fastest pace. The advantage of using perceived efforts like this is that they do not necessarily require the use of heart-rate monitors or GPS pace-tracking watches.

Will I get left behind?

Most sessions incorporate periods of rest / steady running. It could be a good idea that during these times, runners who have gotten ahead double back to reduce distance between the group. Runners should ALWAYS keep a check on those further back if the group does spread out, ideally running as pairs.

The session says I should run 1 minute at 5k pace – what if there’s a road to cross.

Common sense NEEDS to take precedence. We are all adults.

What if I get injured carrying out the session?

Know your capabilities. Work hard and work together, but not into the ground. If a runner isn’t feel- ing particularly ready for a certain session, they should avoid it.

Do I need to warm up?

Yep. Properly.

Take advice from fellow club mates who have experience in the sessions we did with Helen. Never carry out a hard session without at the very least jogging steadily for 5-10 minutes beforehand.

How do I access the plan?

Please follow **this link** to download a pdf of the plan. The plan is password-protected for members of the club. To request access, please send an email to runtcrc@gmail.com.