Club Standards

Our Club Standards exist, as at many local running clubs, for standard Race Distances at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond levels. We introduced our Copper and Pewter Level Standards in an attempt to encourage members to progress towards gaining awards for their efforts right from the start of their running career.

A certificate is awarded for achieving the required Standard in 5 of the listed Standard Distances – and also includes our Club Handicap (which is a 3.5 Mile Distance). The award can only be claimed during the five-year period in which the member is age eligible. Our Club Standards are a scheme whereby any athlete can claim Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper or Pewter awards by achieving race times faster than the standard for that level within their particular age group.

  • These awards are a Diamond Trophy, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Certificates for all six levels.
  • The Club Standards are available to be earned by all TCRC members, be they Full or 2nd Claim
  • The Standards are set within gender related five year age groups once the athlete has reached the veteran age (40 for men and 35 for ladies), and in a single age group (men under 40 and women under 35) prior to this.
  • To qualify for any standard, the race being used must be designated as a road race, be accurately measured, (depicted by the triangular symbol on the race flyer) and have a race permit number. The Club Handicap is the exception to this rule.
  • A race achieving a higher standard can be used to claim a lower standard should an athlete put five together to claim a medal (e.g. 3 x Bronze + 2 x Silver to claim a Bronze Award).
  • The particular race to claim a Standard can be used only once, so as in the example above, the Silver Standard races cannot be used in the future towards claiming a Silver Trophy and the Standard will have to be reached again for them to qualify.
  • The athlete’s age on the race day will determine the age category that that race will be used for.
  • Retrospective awards cannot be made and you must claim your Standard whilst in the Age Set for that Standard, remember, it’s YOUR responsibility to claim YOUR award.
  • It is for the Member to claim their Standard by submitting their claim with supporting evidence to the Club Standard Referee (Currently Steve Robinson) who will ratify the award. Remember, a race time can only be used ONCE. If you have a particularly good 10K time that would achieve Silver Standard but your other qualifying times are all at Copper Standard, then you may want to hold onto your Silver Standard race time and run another 10K that would serve to complete your award, and of course if your age increases or is about to move to the next Age Set (say V45 to V50) then you may have to “play” that race time to gain an award or risk losing it.
  • You can only claim your Standard once, but it is possible to gain multiple Standards within the same Age Set e.g. V45 Copper and V45 Bronze – which really is what we are trying to encourage as a Club.
  • Race Gun Time and (when available) Chip Time can be used in support of your claim