The Handicap is held, normally, on the last Tuesday of each month.

The Handicap is a free to enter run over the same route and is usually held on the last Tuesdayof each month. Any date changes are normally advertised well in advance (fixture clashes or Christmas holidays etc.)

The Handicap is a timed run, where groups of members start their runs at 1 minute intervals, the slower running groups starting in advance of the faster runners. The aim of the handicapping system is that in a perfect world, everyone would finish at the same time. As your times improve, then the later you will leave the start line. And if you find your times falling away a little, then the Handicapper will compensate for this by allowing you an earlier start time. It’s up to the Handicapper to decide this, so please don’t pester them for earlier start times!

Our summer handicap is being re-introduced in 2018 and this will be a 3.4 mile out and back at Stanah Country Park, River Rd Thornton FY5 5LR