Thursday Optional Sessions

Currently taking place on Thursday Evenings from 06:45 and being coached by Peter Doherty, who has great experience of this kind of training in the past and is sharing his experience and knowledge with the club from a runners point of view and to those helping Peter take the session who are not running.

The sessions are being run on the Promenade in Cleveleys toward Little Bispham Tram Stop and consist of a 14 minute warm up (7mins out 7mins back) and then a structured series of repetitions that will improve both your biomechanical function and enhance your aerobic fitness. Each session takes approximately 50 minutes.

Each week sees a number of similar ability groups, working as a team running the repetitions, the onus being on the participants to stick together as a group and to encourage each other. There is a short break between the sequences and to finish off the evening there is another 14 minute warm down session.

An alternative meeting place has been identified should the weather provide difficulties/safety issues on the Promenade. This is on Bourne Road by Thornton Cleveleys Football Club with the same start time. Please keep your eyes open on Social Media for any late venue change announcements.

Both meeting places offer ample parking. Suitable clothing should be worn at all times, though the sessions themselves will be warming in themselves, care should be taken in the Winter months to not get too cold inbetween the sessions, jackets, keys, hats etc. can be left safely with the Volunteers.