Handicap Results December 2015

Name Time PB
Alex Fleming 20.38 PB
Michael McNeil 21.34
James Duffy 22.31 DR
Jon Gardiner 23.14 PB
Roy Tomlinson 23.37
Daisy Seville 24.58
Alex Ingham 27.31
Gillian Pryor 27.36
Michaela Dempsey 27.45
Colin Denney 28.20
Kieron Chadwick 29.51
Andy Whitlam 29.55
Debbie Cardwell 31.29
Angela Norriss 34.11
Bev Foster 34.51
Mike Gray 39.09 DR
Mark Pryor 42.43
Lisa Young 42.43
Many thanks to Christine, Lesley,Sue, Karl, Keith, Malc and Steve for their help on the night.
Just a reminder that the next five races (Jan-May inclusive) are the qualifying races for the trophy race, two needed.